PROTECT Absorbi-Perspirant (Ultra Dry Formula)

PROTECT Absorbi-Perspirant (Ultra Dry Formula) - The Necessities Company

PROTECT Absorbi-Perspirant (Ultra Dry Formula)

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Protect Ultra Dry Formula is made to meet everyone's needs!

If you are baking soda sensitive then we recommend using our Shield Sensitive Skin formula!

Over time our lymph nodes become congested with toxins and chemicals from using commercial brands which leads to hormonal imbalances as well as throws of the ph balance of your armpits. Unlike anti-perspirants that use toxic chemicals like aluminum that clog your pores to stop your body from expelling sweat, absorbi-perspirant allows the pores to breath but have the ability to absorb up to 10xs the moisture which keeps you odor free and dry all day!!!


Apply to clean dry skin.To avoid irritation DO NOT apply to freshly shaven underarms, wait at least 8 hours (recommend 12) after shaving. If you cannot wait the minimum of 8 hours, apply a layer of Shea butter to underarms and then apply deodorant in a downward motion, very gently. Make sure there is no residue left underarms after applying (friction from arm movements will cause irritation)


Palm stearic acid, Coconut oil, Zinc oxide, Magnesium oxide, Baking soda, Arrowroot powder, diatomaceous earth, (normal strength/extra strength), alkaline salts, activated charcoal, Essential oils (varies depending on scent)



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