Black Beard Brigade Beard Oil (1oz)

Black Beard Brigade Beard Oil (1oz) - The Necessities Company

Black Beard Brigade Beard Oil (1oz)

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Black Beard Brigade's beard oil is designed to tone, nourish, and clear the skin underneath the beard. It feels more natural and less oily than others on the market. It is made from 100% natural ingredients that promote a fuller & thicker beard.

Directions: To maintain and refresh your beard daily, use about half a dropper full of Black Beard Brigade Beard Oil into your hand and spread it evenly on your palms and fingers, and coat beard evenly from roots to tips. Use as often as needed. You can also use the dropper to spot drop directly into the beard dispersing evenly. Work the oil into your skin before spreading it onto your beard.

Use a comb or brush to help distribute. Our balm and butter work well with the oil to further enhance your beard.

Brush and/or comb your beard into your desired style with one of our dope combs and brushes.

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